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A good marriage, Watermelon and Summer!

When you think watermelon, we imagine fresh and extremely sweet fruit, to eat on summer days. Florida, in the United States, has a different climate compared to the rest of the Union, as summer settles all year round. This is one of the reasons why watermelon is widely consumed in this part of the country. Watermelon production and import are significant. It is common to see watermelon from different parts of Latin America, such as Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, among other countries, in large supermarkets. In the agricultural area, called Homestead, in the south of the peninsula, the tasty fruit is usually grown in large extensions, in open fields. Sometimes you can see a lot of workers harvesting large containers of sweet fruits. This fruit is grown in parts of Florida areas, sold in small markets around the city. It is common to see small trucks at different points with fresh watermelon, just harvested from agriculture areas. The price?? Very cheap, for all pockets. Watermelon juice is consumed as natural juice, with or without added sugar, as people prefer. It is important to say that this fruit does not need sugar because the environmental conditions add natural sugar to its pulp. It is used to prepare fruit cocktails, in small market spots. Watermelon combines well with mangoes, oranges, papaya, and other tropical fruits to cool down the great heat. What are the watermelon type preferences in Florida? The Floridian public prefers, the blood-red flesh, very sweet and seedless. The rind of the fruit should be dark green, with irregular light green stripes, round in shape, Crimson variety type. The weight of the fruit should be around 5 – 10 pounds or more. It is important that the flesh is very crunchy and juicy, when you take a portion, you should feel a rainbow of the tasty flavors in your mouth. In big supermarkets you will find trays with different watermelon pieces, small, medium, and large, to please everyone. Some people prefer to take the fruits ready to eat. Watermelon is a perfect fruit to accompany summer, beach, sun, vacation, and refreshing life here in the bright sunshine state, Florida.

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