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"An anthocyanea Batavia lettuce, with a good heat tolerance"

This variety, of Batavia kind, comes from a collaboration between Technisem and the French research institute called INRA (National Institute for Agronomical Research). It presents a good heat tolerance (marginal necrosis) and a resistance to bolting. The intensity of its red color depends on sun intensity. The light enables the expression of a brighter red color.


  • Very Voluminous
  • Intense Red
  • Nice Skirt


  • Thick
  • Not very blistered

Seed color:

  • Black


  • 40 days after transplanting (depending on crop conditions)

Resistances / Tolerances:

  • Very slow volting
  • Very tolerant to marginal necrosis 

Lettuce GINA

PriceFrom $4.10
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