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"Productivity, robustness and quality all year round" (Technisem)

New hybrid of our sweet pepper range, GOLIATH F1 will give you entire satisfaction all year round. Its tolerance to Xanthomonas, associated to a ridge-till, assure a very good production during hot and humid season. Several experimentation results confirm its very good potential, and, moreover, its superiority in front of traditional varieties. The fruits good quality ensures an excellent conservation and resistance to transport.


  • Very vigorous
  • Very productive
  • Good canopy


  • Early (60-70 days)


  • Blocky 
  • Deep green to bright red at maturity
  • Very good firmness
  • Tick flesh

Tolerances / Resistances

  • Good resistance to Xanthomonas (Xanthomonas campestris)
  • Good resistance to TMV (0) (Tobacco Mosaic Virus)
  • Good behaivor during transportation 

Sweet Pepper F1 GOLIATH

PriceFrom $36.00
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