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Bred in Technisem collaboration with INRA, the sweet pepper ULYSSE F1 combines a lot of resistances (TMV, PVMV) and tolerances (CMV, PVY). This genetical vigour will permit to farmers to produce sweet peppers of quality during dry and hot seasons, even inareas known as really infested.


  • Excellent canopy
  • Good vigor
  • Very productive


  • Trapezoide shape
  • Uniform green to red at maturity
  • Thick flesh


  • Very early (60-65 days)

Tolerances / Resistances: 

  • TMV (HR)
  • PVMV (HR)
  • CMV (IR)
  • PVY (IR)

Sweet Pepper F1 ULYSSE

PriceFrom $36.00
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