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With F1 RODEO 84,Technisem offers a variety able to produce very large size of fruits (over 300 gr under our conditions).True to the success of previous RODEOs (F1 RODEO 14 and F1 RODEO 62), F1 RODEO 84 is also round in shape, TYLCV tolerant and produces hight quality fruits. 


  • Determinate grow
  • Very good vigor
  • Very good fruit setting ability
  • Very good productivity


  • Round shape, slightly flattened
  • Average weight 250-300 grams
  • Constant weight
  • Uniform
  • Jointed
  • Good firmness


  • 75 Days after transplanting

Tolerances / Resistances:

  • TYLCV (IR)

Tomato F1 RODEO 84

PriceFrom $22.50
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