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Let’s discover our new round tomato, the hybrid variety SYMBAL F1! Thanks to all its qualities, you can easily grow it during the hot and rainy seasons in tropical areas. Thanks to its tolerance to bacterial Wilt, you can manage your crop and get a good yield even in an infested area.


  • Determinate growth
  • Good canopy
  • Very good yield


  • Round shape, slightly flattened
  • Big size140-160 Grams average
  • Unifrom fruits
  • Average Brix° 4.5


  • 70-75 days after transplant

Resistance / Tolerance:

  • Very good tolerance to Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum) (IR)
  • Good tolerance to TYLCV (IR)
  • Resistance to TMV (0) and to fusarium (Fol.0 et Fol.1) (HR)
  • Resistance to CMV (HR)
  • Resistance to Stemphyllium (HR)

Tomato F1 SYMBAL

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